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DaW: Design Under Sky & (add)ventures

August 21, 2018 /// Featuring: Design Under Sky & (add)ventures

August 21, 2018 /// Featuring: Design Under Sky & (add)ventures


ABOUT DESIGN UNDER SKY Design Under Sky is a Providence-based landscape architecture firm founded by Adam Anderson. The firm consists of about 5 part- and full-time designers and is known locally for projects that have emerged from  unconventional sites: 10,000 Suns, a public park installation in downtown Providence that attracted hundreds of visitors last summer, and recently-completed The SHACK pvd, a biergarten/seafood shack/performance space located adjacent to the new Wexford Innovation Center in the I-195 district land. In addition to working locally, Adam has designed landscapes for residences, hospitals, universities, and public spaces all over the country and the world - from Boston to Pennsylvania to XiangYa, China.

WHY LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE? Adam grew up in an agriculture area in Southern Ohio. He says agriculture is very landscape architectural, with both natural and cultural patterns embedded. Landscape architecture, too, is all about intertwining nature and culture so they coexist, Adam says. Now, in addition to being a registered landscape architect and founder/director of Design Under Sky, Adam also teaches at Rhode Island School of Design, runs the Landscape Architecture department at Payette Associates, and was named Rhode Islander of the Year in Rhode Island Monthly in 2016!

WHY RHODE ISLAND? RI is beautiful and being around the other designers here is inspiring!

CLAMBAKE TONIGHT 6-8pm at The Avenue Concept in Providence! Adam is speaking TONIGHT at the August Clambake event! He will be talking about his process in his work as a landscape architect - understanding the unique phenomenological qualities and cultural influences inherent in a site and then deploying interventions to embrace, reveal and embellish these qualities.

See more of Adam and Design Under Sky at And find images below of some of Design Under Sky's projects! From left to right: The SHACK PVD (2 images), Boston Children's Hospital, XiangYa 5th Hospital, Lafayette College New Science Building (2 images)... all from

*Go to the Design Is Rhode Island Instagram now to see Adam in his studio!*


We got to sit down with Wayne Vieira, the Senior Vice President of Design and Brand at (add)ventures, and talk about his design story and why designing in Rhode Island is unique and inspiring!

WHAT IS (add)ventures? "(add)ventures is a multidisciplinary brand and communication culture firm... that helps clients and partners reach their business objectives by delivering communications and messaging that are on target, creative, and on strategy."

What is YOUR DESIGN STORY? "I knew I wanted to be an artist or a designer since going back to seventh grade. I was recently looking through some yearbooks cleaning out my parent's house, and in there I found 'What do you want to do?' and I always said 'artist' and 'designer' back then, so I've always had this passion. Going through high school, I was in the art room five out of seven periods a day.

Then I went to RISD and since my sophomore year back in the late 80s, I haven't had another job, have never been paid for another thing besides creating something, which I'm proud of. When I got out of RISD, I set my goal that I wouldn't take money if it wasn't having to do with design or art or illustration or some kind of creative practice, and pretty much I've been able to do it. It was a lot of Ramen noodles in the beginning, but it's been really great."

WHY RHODE ISLAND? "I decided to not go to New York after RISD, but to make a career here and grow here in Rhode Island. [In Rhode Island], you have every size of business and nonprofit; we have worked over the years with small start-ups and we also do a lot of work for CVS Health, which is a Fortune 7 company. [Rhode Island] allows you to be creative in a space that has a lot of diversity of business. Here, you can actually make it happen."

Explore (add)ventures online at! *Videos from (add)ventures coming this Thursday to Instagram!*


Thank you to Design Under Sky and (add)ventures for having us! Check out the video clips we took with them, up TODAY and Thursday on Instagram Stories (@designisrhodeisland).

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